• One of the greatest product strategies out there is to build your own app store, But it isn’t easy
  • There’s nothing new about the app store, Apple has been playing this game for more than ten years.
  • In the past five years, an app store has become an unbeatable advantage for many product technologies like SaaS, wearable tech, and IoT.

Don’t create your own app store — Hire it

  • What you need to look for is an App Store platform that is a good fit for your unique requirements.


What’s Android TV?

  • Android TV is designed to bring the sorts of things you enjoy on your phone to your TV. That doesn’t mean you’ll be taking calls through your TV or trawling through emails, but it’s about ease of navigation, access to entertainment, and simple interactivity. It’s about making your TV smart and doing it with an interface that’s recognizable and easy to use.
  • Android TV is a special version of the core Android OS, designed for TV’s and stand-alone digital media players, like set-top boxes and related streaming devices.
  • Actively supported by Google that gives all devices some…

It’s Smart and Safe…


“Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems provide you the ability to control how people can consume your content”

  • The unrivaled reach of the internet and the advancement of technological trends have driven digital innovation virtually at every corner of the media industry.
  • From music streaming apps to the current video streaming platforms, the way content is consumed has radically changed.
  • Every aspect of media distribution has become more streamlined in a manner in which we purchase.

For example, Movies, books, and music are now replaced with on-demand services.

Hackers are using more advanced methods to access online…

Video monetization is a method that gets paid for publishing your videos on online platforms. Inserting ads, offering subscriptions, getting sponsorships, doing reviews, etc is a part of video monetization

Monetizing video is a logical strategy for many publishers and many of them are already getting paid for their content.

Video consumption continuously rising high, so will the demand for high-quality, targeted video content.

What is Video Monetization?

Video monetization is a mixed approach, from advertising to subscriptions to pay-per-view for maximizing video revenues.

How Do You Monetize Videos?

One of the easiest ways to get started with video monetization is by inserting ads or using “suggested” content links…

Read on…


The Past

The app store concept became popular with the rise of smartphones and tablets. The announcement of the first iPhone was a giant leap towards the evolution of mobile apps.

July 2008 is when everything changed: Apple’s App Store went online. Apple released about 552 apps, with 135 of them being free to download. In just one week, iPhone users downloaded about 10,000,000 (ten million) apps! You can see the growth of the apple app store since 2008 in Fig 1

Here is a Complete Guide…

Online E-Learning platforms deliver online courses and training programs that can be hosted in the cloud. Tracking, management, and monetization of courses are also part of the functionality.

  • Education is an ever-lasting industry and is currently gaining huge traction in online space.
  • Setting up your own E-Learning platform doesn’t have to be a next-to-impossible feat, even if you don’t have much prior experience with E-Learning Industry.

Fact- The E-learning market is estimated to progress from USD 190 billion in 2018 to USD 300 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights.

How to…

“It is Play that helps us do serious things Better

What is Gamification in E-Learning?

Integrating game mechanics in education has a huge transformation potential.

So what is Game mechanics?

May Include:

  • Simple credit score
  • Achievements
  • Levels
  • Time Pressure/Time Management
  • Immediate Feedback

Or anything that would increase engagement as in a Game.

If these elements are embedded in our learning system Learning can be fun.

Thinking of starting your own OTT Video Platform?

Why would you risk developing tech solution on your own? When there are low cost, lightweight SaaS solutions available which are no less than your own OTT platform and saves you time and cost.

So Would it be advisable for you to start your own OTT platform or utilize a SaaS service to build one?

I am sure you would have thought different things that will make a great OTT platform, like :

  • Different and Unique content
  • Monetization Options
  • Great user experience
  • User and Usage analytics, recommendations and reports
  • Frequent updates and…

Here is a Complete Guide…

The rise of OTT Video platforms over the last few years and the increasing desire to watch videos through internet is shaping television.

Let us start off by stating it is possible to start your own OTT service. It is Really possible!!!

In this post, I will show you how to take your first steps towards creating an OTT platform…

Ready? Let’s go!

Why should you start your own OTT service?

  • In a world of audio and video streaming apps the most preferred activities amongst mobile device users are Streaming services. …

What is OTT?

  • OTT (over-the-top content) is referred to as the delivery of audio, video and other multimedia content over the Internet.
  • Refers to the ability to deliver the content across various devices like smartphones, smart TVs and connected devices, etc.
  • OTT platform delivers in such a way that it brings up to the next generation TV i.e providing the ability to watch the content anytime, anywhere.

What is OTT Video platform?

Over-the-top (OTT) content is the audio, video, and other media content delivered over the Internet without the involvement of a multiple-system operator

Some of the best examples of…

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